Dillington House Relaxation session

Dillington House Relaxation Session

Here you can listen to the relaxation session recorded at Dillington House…

Pause, breathe and relax. When you’re busy it’s difficult to find time to relax, to chill, to take time out. Allow yourself that time with this workshop. Not only will you be taking time out for yourself today, but you’ll leave with some simple breathing and meditative techniques to help you relax in the future whether you have half an hour or just a minute while waiting for the kettle to boil.

You can listen to the entire session – it lasts 50 minutes – or skip forward to a particular part of the session:

The session begins with using your breathing and senses to relax.

At 6 minutes, 10 seconds, the recording moves on to a way to relax your body by clenching and relaxing each part of your body in turn.

Move on to 22:25 to listen to the short meditation. This lasts just over 5 minutes

A longer, 15 minutes meditation starts at 29:25

The recording starts quickly as the group chat has been cut out, so make sure you are sitting comfortably and ready to start before pressing play.